Kittens Available

Adoption Process

  • The breeder will send a questionnaire to the potential new kitten owner to complete. This is to understand the potential new kitten owner and his home environment and to see if the kitten will be suitable for the potentially new kitten owner.
  • After the breeder has seen the questionnaire the breeder will let the potential new kitten owner know that he/she can adopt one of the kittens.
  • The breeder will then send the new kitten owner a contract to sign and after signing of the contract, a deposit is payable.
  • Please email our questionnaire back to

Retired Cats

  • Available retired studs/queens

From time to time we do retire our queens and studs, you’re welcome to contact me to enquire about any available retired queens & studs. They’ll be neutered and spayed from breeding.


Kittens : Expected litters from Mid-October

Expected Kittens (Siamese, Orientals) – Litter 1
Expected Kittens (Siamese, Orientals) – Litter 2