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CFSA – COTY 2019 

African Catz was honored to received the Kitten Litter of the Year Award at CFSA COTY 2019.

African Catz Harlie The Sandcat, African Catz McCloud The Clouded Leopard and

African Catz Wobbler The Snow Leopard received the Kitten Litter of the Year award for 2019.

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Show Neuters

SACC & CFSA Triple Supreme Champion

Bell-Aimee’s Cinnabun

Seal Pointed Bicolour Oriental


CFSA GARS Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald Neuter 2016


Cinnabun was my first oriental I got from Bell-Aimee, my breeding partner and he started his show career in 2015 as a young adult, being the first Bell-Aimee baby ever to be show in JHB and to win a Cat of the Day (BIS) at the NCS CFSA Show.

He also qualified for the CFSA Gold and Ruby show where he placed 3rd in the Neuter ring and was Best Siamese,Oriental Peterbald Gold Neuter for 2016.